Glass staircase on cruise.

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Wish they still had this

Wish they still had this

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Thillist Presents Miami Ice 10/19/2011

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So, for this giveaway, the prize differs for a boy winner or girl winner.
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very cute!

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My mom got free tickets for me and a friend to go to a Ke$ha concert here in Miami. LMFAO opened for her. The concert was pretty good, but my friend and I had the time of out lives. We got pretty drunk and stole the show. Good times!

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My friend gets a henna on the palm of her hand anytime something significant in her life happens. Her grandmother just died the day before her birthday and she started university again, so she went to get one. 

I went along with her and she paid for me to get one too. The whole experience was amazing. I definitely recommend. I see why she does it. It may sound silly or cliche, but its almost like a new beginning or getting a tattoo, obviously not the same though.


So my mom went to get a bunch of fish for our pond. Unfortunately, this one didnt make it. We had a swarm of tadpoles and some of them are using the dead fish for food. 

The Circle of Life


Lion Cub Rescued by Mother (a must see)

A lioness’ cub fell into a ravine at the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya, that she then rescues.  Awesome pictures!

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I saw this bird (I believe its an Egret or something) in a pond in the middle of the sidewalk in South Beach.

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My friend took me to this cool little place for my Birthday called Haven in South Beach.

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First pic is in Little Italy NYC, where even the fire hydrant are the colors of the Italian flag.

I love graffiti so I had to take a pic of all these stickers. One day I will create my own sticker and put it everywhere.

I went to NYC this Summer during the heat wave. I miss NYC already.


"I do a different type of laundry….it’s called shopping!"

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